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Here's the Thing!

by david vose on 06/07/18

 It seems we have understood the bible in a way it was not meant. There is another way to understand it. The correct way has been hidden for centuries.
You will definitely learn things you never knew. This may be the first time these truths have been explained outside of the ancient mystery school.
How to be BORN again, Igniting the Crown Chakra, in simple terms, the meaning of Astrology. This is the key that unlocks the bible. This will change everything you've ever known. The truth will set us free. 
You were literally purchased by an ELITE family interest. They have written up a literal document. Your government has secretly worked with these people to gain control of all rights and privileges you had as a free citizen. Yes it was done behind closed doors and without the public's knowledge. They did it under legally procedures but the whole thing is entirely illegal. No document signed or ratified, without the persons knowledge, is legal. We have, as a human race, the responsibility to protest and reverse this.
 If you are a Christian you may pass this over. Please don't do that. This may change your life to find the meaning of the NEW covenant and the Meseh. the oil which was used in Egypt came from crocodiles which were called "Messeh", hence the word "Messiah" or "Annointed king" . This explains how the Great priesthood from the planet Nibiru, set up their king/priesthood in the city of ON (the Father of heaven ANU, Ouranos in Greek) and was carried down through Melchizedek and Abraham through Joseph to Jesus the Messiah!  
Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. You MUST know who he was. This is the whole history of Jesus and his followers. He did not worship in Jerusalem nor did Jesus sacrifice and keep Sabbath. Jesus spent 18 years in India and he is mentioned in Eastern Holy Scripture. The Muslim faith calls him Isa, this is how he is called in India, it is the original name that the Greeks wrote. In Greek, “Iesous” (Jesus) literally translated is Iesu, the ending ous being the tense of the verb. It is then pronounced Isa. It is written in Arabic and in Indian writings as Isa. His Father was not Jehovah but a higher one, the Father of all, El Elyon, the Most High. This Divine being is referred to by Jesus all the way through the New Testament as Father ANU, which in Greek is written Ouranous, the ANU being the Root, and again the ous being the tense of the verb. Anu was the original Sanskrit word for heaven. Both Anu in Sumerian and Ouranos in Greek mean Heaven, the Father of the Divine beings. Jesus was a Nazarene, not a Jew. He taught the Pagan teachings and the Esoteric knowledge from Ancient Egypt. Pagan simply means the NATIONS, not Judaism. Paganism just means teachings from the ancient nations before Judaism and MODERN western Churcianity. The Church does not teach the teachings of Christ. 

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1. C Kelly said on 8/30/18 - 09:54AM
Jesus was indeed a great Spiritual Master, chosen by the Father to offer salvation to the people of his time. There are, at other times, manifestation of the Word in the form of other Masters; in all ages That is to say that the Word is not the human being but the Christed spirit, the Logos, the Son of the Father, His only begotten Son. The flesh dies but the spirit does not.
2. Emily said on 2/28/19 - 06:16PM
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