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The News They Won't Tell You
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  I have made several videos about the election and the voting. It is a scam. They really elect the president for us. It is always an establishment person. So why Ben Carson? Even if we vote for him, they will select their own puppet. However. Though the deception in this country is profound, and the Elite Bankers and financial business men will probably want one of their own. We can at least TRY something. LETS TRY SOMETHING!!!! 
    If we stand firm against their puppets and vote in unison for a REAL person, we may be able to make the establishment come out of hiding and their plot may be exposed. If Every one says, we want a REAL PERSON, and we know that everyone is voting for the REAL person, they would have to do more than steal a few votes. Remember even the Representatives of the Elite are HUMANS, we may be able to persuade them also. Lets try. After all it only takes going out and voting .. if it doesn't work, then we have at least tried. I do not know, nor does anyone else, weather there is any real voting going on. But there might be some real votes, we just don't know. NO one understands the Voting process anywhere. We do not even know who the electorate are? Maybe we should find out? Just saying!
     Do you see? YOU are being given a choice. Everything this world does, 51 percent of you voted for and you LOVE! 49 percent don't like some issues, but will like another bad thing. 50 percent now wants to remove part, or all, of the bill of rights. Many of you want to take away our guns. VERY sad. WAKE UP!! The two sides are controlled propaganda! The REAL truth is not ever allowed. You will hear Both sides of EVIL, two extremes of the whole, never the center reality. The Establishment will win because they have deceived you to trust them and they have persuaded you to vote for them. They artfully hide the truth that would set you free. So yes, the NWO is here and you are watching the debate on TV about if we should kill people over seas now or later, if we should build more prisons today or tomorrow. Shall we make more laws to control ourselves or to control someone else. But, we will build the prisons and make the new laws for sure. That you have already decided to do. All you have to do is choose to be free. Please vote for someone who is not part of this elite establishment. NO one is totally apart from this world today. But some are not completely asleep. Lets chose someone that has some ability to see the reality. But how can you if you do not see reality yourself? Ben Carson will not be controlled like Bush. Rand Paul will not be controlled as Hillary is. No they wont be perfect, but they are better by FAR!.. And If we VOTE for them IN MASS, They may HAVE to allow them in. Lets TRY!!!!!!!
       Many are turning to Religion! And they think that is in the bible! There is more to the New Testament than Religion! In fact.. there is NO religion in there! This book is about Psychology, it is a Science that deals with mental processes and behavior. Salvation is about being delivered from FEAR and LACK, Emotional and Mental Paradigms! It is not a religious experience. It is a deliverance and a freedom and an unlocking of human potential you did not know existed within. It is a revelation of the INNER spiritual POWER within the soul! Imagine if you could really understand the words of the MASTER and Lord of Earth, Imagine if you knew the SECRET! The TRUTH that sets you FREE!!!!!! This is the Secret you have never been told.