The Whole Story - Why this blog Exists

by david vose on 06/10/18

I've been teaching the gospel of Grace for some years now. It has been so much more than I expected. I have learned what Grace truly is. I came to learn that we are all equal in Gods eyes and he has unconditional love for all people. I began to see some years ago that the Old testament God of wrath did not fit well with the God of Love that the Lord Jesus came to reveal to all people. This gospel has changed many, many lives and has brought tears to my eyes many times too. Lately it has taken another turn. As I continued doing the work and digging into the depths of my heart to ask God the answers to so many problems, I came across something else that was earth shattering and mind blowing. There is a small elite family that owns the world and is enslaving us. Obviously I cannot explain in any detail what I have learned here, please watch some of my videos, I have uploaded one here, but, it truly would take your breath away if you knew the depths of this depravity and understood the urgency of this calling I have been given to warn the world. 
    This truth is explaining long centuries of war, famine and slavery, human beings have endured and why there seems to be so much suffering on the earth. This disgusting situation and set of realities, has been brutal on all people and especially has the degradation been acute upon the minorities of the planet, even to the enslaving of their minds,  properties and lives. I have found that, many things we were told, were only lies and deception, to keep mankind in the dark. War was not inevitable, a product of worthless sinners and evil humans, but rather it was the evil plot to enslave us, degrade us and abuse us.  So you might imagine that, as I became more and more aware of this evil upon our world, I became more and more determined to speak out and tell the world. 
    There is only one problem. As I spoke out it became increasingly clear that the Elite I was exposing did not want me to tell anyone this ugly truth. They started by taking down my videos and  it continued to get worse. On June 4th of this year they took away the monetization on my channel and refused to even say why. Of course I thought that was illegal, but I had to think again. As I remembered quickly, they own YouTube and the rest of the corporations,  they did not want these matters exposed. This is, then, the reason I am coming to you all. I had lived off the small income that the monetization gave me before, that paid my 600 dollar mortgage on this old house I bought to fix up. My old truck, of course, is still not payed off and the bills are due soon. I would easily go back to doing some other job, but you see, it literally takes me most of each day, seven days a week, to put up these videos. When I am not making or loading videos I am answering phone calls and trying to teach those eager to learn about gods grace. Most people have always been taught they were evil sinners going to hell, and the TRULY good news of the Grace of God is something they very much need. I have determined I will not quit or turn back. That is where this comes in here. I am asking for many of you to send just a little, a few dollars each can add up and I will be able to carry on the work without interruption until I can find away to finance this a better way. I am looking into putting other non YouTube advertisers on my videos, but for now I am reduced to asking for your help. Thank you all for all the love and prayers and May God bless you and all the peacemakers forever. Thanks again for the support David Vose 

Here's the Thing!

by david vose on 06/07/18

 It seems we have understood the bible in a way it was not meant. There is another way to understand it. The correct way has been hidden for centuries.
You will definitely learn things you never knew. This may be the first time these truths have been explained outside of the ancient mystery school.
How to be BORN again, Igniting the Crown Chakra, in simple terms, the meaning of Astrology. This is the key that unlocks the bible. This will change everything you've ever known. The truth will set us free. 
You were literally purchased by an ELITE family interest. They have written up a literal document. Your government has secretly worked with these people to gain control of all rights and privileges you had as a free citizen. Yes it was done behind closed doors and without the public's knowledge. They did it under legally procedures but the whole thing is entirely illegal. No document signed or ratified, without the persons knowledge, is legal. We have, as a human race, the responsibility to protest and reverse this.
 If you are a Christian you may pass this over. Please don't do that. This may change your life to find the meaning of the NEW covenant and the Meseh. the oil which was used in Egypt came from crocodiles which were called "Messeh", hence the word "Messiah" or "Annointed king" . This explains how the Great priesthood from the planet Nibiru, set up their king/priesthood in the city of ON (the Father of heaven ANU, Ouranos in Greek) and was carried down through Melchizedek and Abraham through Joseph to Jesus the Messiah!  
Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. You MUST know who he was. This is the whole history of Jesus and his followers. He did not worship in Jerusalem nor did Jesus sacrifice and keep Sabbath. Jesus spent 18 years in India and he is mentioned in Eastern Holy Scripture. The Muslim faith calls him Isa, this is how he is called in India, it is the original name that the Greeks wrote. In Greek, “Iesous” (Jesus) literally translated is Iesu, the ending ous being the tense of the verb. It is then pronounced Isa. It is written in Arabic and in Indian writings as Isa. His Father was not Jehovah but a higher one, the Father of all, El Elyon, the Most High. This Divine being is referred to by Jesus all the way through the New Testament as Father ANU, which in Greek is written Ouranous, the ANU being the Root, and again the ous being the tense of the verb. Anu was the original Sanskrit word for heaven. Both Anu in Sumerian and Ouranos in Greek mean Heaven, the Father of the Divine beings. Jesus was a Nazarene, not a Jew. He taught the Pagan teachings and the Esoteric knowledge from Ancient Egypt. Pagan simply means the NATIONS, not Judaism. Paganism just means teachings from the ancient nations before Judaism and MODERN western Churcianity. The Church does not teach the teachings of Christ.